Kids Come First: The Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisations Leadership Transition Framework


SNAICC in partnership with the Commonwealth Department of Education has developed the Connected Beginnings ACCO Leadership Transition Framework (the Framework). The ACCO Leadership Transition Framework aims to act primarily as a resource to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership in Connected Beginnings communities. The Framework is intended to inform and guide the transition of the Connected Beginnings backbone role from non-Indigenous organisations to Aboriginal community-controlled organisations where there is agreement and support from the community.

The Connected Beginnings project has been operating since 2016 to support school readiness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children aged zero to five, by integrating education, health and family support services. Each Connected Beginnings community has a backbone organisation. The backbone organisation is responsible for key aspects of shaping projects’ direction and coordination relating to the response to children in their early years and their families. Feedback from ongoing conversation about the effectiveness of Connected Beginnings from participating communities, has indicated the need for greater Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership in a number of communities to increase the engagement of families and children. The strongest outcomes for children are achieved when Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are supported and resourced as leaders for their children, families and communities.

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