How you can celebrate Children’s Day

Each year, hundreds of early years and childhood education centres around Australia host events to celebrate Children’s Day. 

On 4 August, all Australians have the opportunity to show their support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and learn about the crucial impact that culture, family and community play in the life of every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child. 

Ideas for celebrating:
  • organise an open day or morning tea at work for people to bring their children
  • hold a family fun day for foster and kinship carers and their children in out-of-home care
  • organise a children’s picnic or activities in a local park
  • bring Elders, families and their children together in your service or school for storytelling and cultural activities
  • cultural dancing and performances
  • games and activities and arts and crafts sessions
  • have a flag-raising ceremony with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags
  • hold a fete or fundraising activity for children in your community
  • organise sporting events or competitions for children and young people
  • invite local leaders, politicians and Elders to spend some time at your service or school on Children’s Day.
Your event could happen at your workplace, school or kindergarten or in partnership with a local Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander organisation or community.
Children’s Day 2024

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Organising an event for your mob?

This year’s Children’s Day falls on a Sunday. We are encouraging services and centres to hold their Children’s Day events on Friday 2 August.

Sunday, 4 August, will still be marked and recognised as the date for Children’s Day, however, we encourage celebrations to happen on a weekday to be inclusive of children, early years services and schools.

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Children's Day 2023: Little Voices, Loud Futures

Children’s Day 2023 was aimed at raising awareness for the bright futures of our children and the potential for their voices to pave a new path for our nation. 

SNAICC is the National Voice for our Children. As the national peak body, we have a responsibility to make our children’s voices as powerful as possible, now and into the future and to ensure our children can flourish, with power over their destinies.

2023’s theme ‘Little Voices, Loud Futures’ fired that ambition.

As always, we support the voices of our children in calling for a future where they are proud and empowered by their culture to speak their truth and be listened to by all Australians.

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