Stage 3: Complete the partnership progress questionnaire

The questionnaire allows you to reflect on your partnership’s strengths and weaknesses to help identify where it is and what needs to change to strengthen the partnership and achieve its goals.

Some ways to complete the questionnaire: 

  1. Each organisation involved in the partnership completes the questionnaire separately. After that, both/all organisations come together to share and discuss results. 
  2. Individuals complete the questionnaire anonymously and an independent person collates the results for discussion. 
  3. Partners sit down and answer the questions together. 

Keep in mind that while completing the questionnaire together may promote openness and transparency, it may also reinforce a power imbalance. It may lead to people not saying what they truly believe to maintain relationships or satisfy management. After completing the questionnaire, you will be given a couple of tools to help you discuss the results and plan your next steps. 

*Note, this questionnaire will only be of value if it is used as a discussion, relationship-building and planning tool by partners together.

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