As the National Voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, SNAICC firmly supported a Voice enshrined in the Australian Constitution.

SNAICC’s position was clear – our children deserve no less than Yes.

The Uluṟu Statement from the Heart calls for Voice, Treaty and Truth. It’s now time for some truth-telling. This means looking at who we were as a country, the impacts of that on who we are and, most importantly, how we go forward to be the country that we want to be. A place that values and takes pride in being home to the oldest living culture on the planet.

We also know Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have the solutions to the issues we face. We know that education is key to turning around outcomes and that starts with our babies and making sure families have the support that they need, delivered by community services that they trust. 

Another Royal Commission is not a solution. There have been more than 22 reports into allegations of abuse and neglect in our communities since the Bringing Them Home report in 1997.

A National Commissioner for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children that has legislated power to investigate any alleged wrongdoing or breaches of a child’s rights is a solution we have been putting forward for many years, and that the Government can implement immediately.

History shows the greatest victories can come from a defeat. Our journey will continue but on a different path.


More information on A Voice to Parliament

The ‘Voice to Parliament’ was a body proposed by the Australian government in a referendum to the Australian people with voting taking place in October 2023. This body would be constitutionally protected and would allow Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people be more involved in decision-making within the Australian government by allowing us to provide advice on policies and projects that affect our communities.

It is a historic referendum that would have recognised Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Constitution; to right a historical wrong against our people and to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people a say in matters that affect us. Along with the National Agreement and the partnership between governments and the Coalition of Peaks, the Voice, Truth Telling and Treaty will provide our country with the complete roadmap to improve the life outcomes of our people.

At SNAICC, we continue to stand up and work for better outcomes for our children.

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