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Department of Social Services

Victoria State Government Department of Health and Human Services

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Department of Child Protection SA

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ACT Government Community Services

Community Services Directorate is Empowering People

Community Services Directorate spans nine business areas and four ministers, striving to empower people to meet their full potential through inclusive and equitable communities. Supporting meaningful and life-changing outcomes is at the core of our commitments.

Promoting meaningful and positive outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is at the centre of what we do. We work toward ensuring the community has a strong voice, and are decision makers on issues that impact them, and lead in achievements. CSD also strives to give individuals in our community a secure place to call home, and safety from harm.

Our core focus areas for the next ten years are intervening early to support positive outcomes; delivering the right services that are human-centred, holistic and tailored to those most in need; building strong communities by using evidence-informed approaches to drive local solutions and connect people in their local communities; fostering inclusive participation by empowering Canberrans to be involved in decisions that enable them to lead fulfilling lives; and driving collaboration and internal and external partnerships by building effective relationships and embedding cultural change to form an integrated and holistic human services system.

NSW Government

The NSW Department of Education shapes and leads policy and funding initiatives to continuously improve quality and access to early childhood education in NSW, collaborating with sector stakeholders and peak bodies. The department also regulates NSW education and care services, assessing quality, and monitoring compliance of providers and services under relevant state and national laws.

We support Aboriginal families with young children through early childhood education support programs, including:

  • Aboriginal Families as Teachers program – aims to strengthen and empower Aboriginal families to build a rich home learning environment and provide supportive structures to actively engage in their children’s education. Each program is specifically designed to suit the needs of their communities.
  • Ninganah No More Aboriginal language program – aims to increase the level of Aboriginal languages being taught in early childhood services across NSW. The program provides an opportunity for Aboriginal culture and identity to be developed and nurtured in the earliest stage of formal education across NSW.
  • The Aboriginal Quality Support Program was designed to provide better educational outcomes for Aboriginal children, and SNAICC developed culturally specific resources and tools which will be available at the SNAICC conference.

Together, these programs support early childhood education services to enhance their cultural competencies and engage Aboriginal children and their communities. Our aim is to support services to embed inclusive practices and perspectives in routine programming, which will improve outcomes and better prepare children for the transition to primary school. Children from Aboriginal families will continue to receive extra support under the department’s commitment to Start Strong.

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Aboriginal Family Support Services

Aboriginal Family Support Services Ltd (AFSS) is the lead Aboriginal child protection agency in South Australia and plays a pivotal role in the care and protection of Aboriginal children and young people who come into contact with the child protection system. Celebrating 40 years of working with Aboriginal communities, AFSS works hard to keep Aboriginal families together and helps to build the capacity of families to grow up strong, healthy children and young people. Employing staff at 22 sites throughout SA, AFSS broad range of services and programs aim to equip Aboriginal families with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate life’s challenges. These include family based foster care, residential services, homelessness services, reunification and targeted intervention, gambling services, child protection reform, cultural officers, community safety and well-being, family violence, youth work and gazetted functions under the Children and Young People (Safety) Act 2017. To find out more about AFSS, you can visit our website at

Government of Western Australia Department of Communities

The Department of Communities is responsible for the reform and delivery of human services in Western Australia. Our areas of focus include housing, child protection, disability services, community initiatives and regional services reforms.

We partner and collaborate with community sector organisations, individuals, businesses and other government agencies to strengthen communities with safe children, strong homes and empowered people.

When we combine our efforts with others we can have an even more profound impact than when we work alone.

Visit us online at

Victoria State Government

The Victorian Government aims to ensure that all Aboriginal children and young people are safe, resilient and can thrive in culturally rich and strong Aboriginal families and communities. This is made possible through Wungurilwil Gapgapduir, which means ‘strong families’ in Latji Latji, a tripartite agreement between the Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations, Victorian Government and community service organisations.

Wungurilwil Gapgapduir: Aboriginal Children and Families Agreement and its Strategic Action Plan serves as a landmark partnership between the Aboriginal community, Victorian Government and community services organisations to commit to better outcomes for Aboriginal children and young people.

Wungurilwil Gapgapduir is guided by the Victorian Government’s vision to increase Aboriginal self-determination for Aboriginal people and outlines a strategic direction to reduce the number of Aboriginal children in out-of-home care by building their connection to culture, Country and community.

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