You're a Dad – 7 storylines about being a Dad

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You're A Dad –  seven storylines about being a dad - is a 20 page A5 full colour booklet for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander fathers and young men. 

Each story is told through photographs and personal story tips with each storyline making up an A4 page poster (see full photo gallery coming soon.)  Copies have been sent free to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled services in the sector.

This resource is to be used for home visiting maternity/paternity services, parenting programs, men's groups, for early childhood, youth and health services, for jail and offender programs and more. SNAICC hopes to develop a download version of the booklet so you can insert your own images and stories.

Craig Hammond (Family Action Centre Newcastle) introduces the booklet saying: “I’m proud to be a Dad. I’ve found out that us, as fathers, we can make choices and we can make changes. To me, this book is all about hearing and feeling the happiness and hurt and stories from other Aboriginal and Torres Strait fathers. Just to know that our brothers are all feeling the same in a lot of ways. It’s also about acknowledging us as fathers and the important role that we do play in our children’s lives. The final message is the simple thing – just talk with your kids and talk with other blokes about your kids.”  

The seven storylines are:

  • Be there: Make time to be with your kids, do things together, love, hold, provide for and support them, have fun, show them your feelings – your children love you for who you are, so just love them for who they are, no matter what they do
  • Connect: Be involved from the start and all the way through – mistakes may happen but keep in touch with the kids, family and community and let your kids know you are there for them
  • Be proud:  Respect  and be proud of yourself, your culture, your kids, and let your kids be proud of you
  • Talk: Talk with and listen to your kids – talk up for your kids and talk with other Dads about being a Dad
  • Feel good: There may be hard times to get through but enjoy your kids and enjoy being a Dad
  • Protect: Make good decisions for and with your kids, think about how you talk, guide and protect your children to keep them happy, safe and proud
  • Your journey: Think about what you have learn in your own life journey and teach your own kids and grandchildren

 You're A Dad was developed in partnership with The University of Newcastle's  Family Action Centre - Engaging Fathers and Heather Hoare.


If you would like to provide feedback, download the feedback form (PDF 60KB).

Contact: SNAICC Resource Manager