Through Young Black Eyes

The 2013 new edition of Through Young Black Eyes is available for order
Order this resource or contact SNAICC for more information (03) 9489 8099. 

SNAICC has produced an updated edition of its acclaimed Through Young Black Eyes kit on family violence and child abuse and neglect. Read the News.

The kit provides practical information - in hard copy and on CD - to help run workshops, share stories and take local actions to help keep Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children safe and happy.

The latest edition of the kit - first published in 2002 (First TYBE Edition - Through Black Eyes 1992 (author Maryanne Sam) ) - was launched by SNAICC Chairperson Sharron Williams at Families Australia’s Child Aware Approaches Conference in Melbourne on 11 April.

Through Young Black Eyes – a series of resources to help you develop child safe communities and protect children from the impact of family violence and child abuse. These resources include a workshop kit, facilitators guide, information handbook, leaders guide and pamphlets.

Please tell us if you plan to use any of these resources to hold workshops. We would like to contact you to hear how your workshops went. Contact SNAICC and find out more.

TYBE First edition:

 Workshop Kit

The SNAICC Through Young Black Eyes Workshop Kit is designed to help you run workshops to prevent family violence, child abuse and neglect, and develop child safe communities.

Major components of this updated kit are:

  • Workshop Facilitators Guide to enable community members to plan, prepare, manage and run workshops on family violence and child abuse
  • The handbook that includes important contact details for services, and information on state and territory legislation relating to family violence and child abuse and neglect
  • Community Leaders Guide, with suggestions and ideas to help community leaders protect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from family violence and abuse, and
  • Pamphlet for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and children about family violence and child abuse,

These workshop kit resources focus on:

  • How to run a workshop
  • Family violence and its effect on children
  • Child abuse and neglect
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Developing a child-safe community / organisation

Who is the Through Young Black Eyes Workshop Facilitators Guide and workshop kit for?

Your organisation may have asked you to run workshops on family violence and child well-being, or you may want your organisations to work towards making a child safe community. This Through Young Black Eyes Workshop Kit is for YOU – someone who may want to create a safe and welcoming space to help people share stories, plan and act to make children safe and happy.

You do not have to be an ‘expert’ in these matters and you do not need to argue for your own view on these issues. You may be the person organising workshops, or you may be the person actually running the workshops, the facilitator. Alternatively, you may share these roles between a few people.


For more information contact: SNAICC