Healing in Practice


This resource highlights programs that enhance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families capacity for healing, to assist services that are looking to establish a new healing service or program, or strengthen an existing one.

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The resource is intended to be practical and informative. It is not, however, a catalogue where programs can simply be plucked from its pages and expected to be relevant and effective in any situation or context.

The resource illustrates that effective and sustainable programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families always draw upon the local communities’ strengths and requires community leadership, community ownership and community knowledge.

At the core of each of these programs is a focus on strengthening children’s connections to Aboriginal people and culture. Programs profiled in the resource have been detailed under four primary principles listed by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Healing Foundation as essential for successful healing.

The four key principles are:

  • Address the causes
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ownership
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander worldview, and
  • a strength-based approach.

By highlighting how these core principles work within each program, SNAICC hopes to provide communities with inspiration, ideas and examples that they can adapt to their particular needs and circumstances. This work also builds up the practice-based evidence of what works and why, enabling our community-organisations to refine their practice and service.