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Meeting the Needs of our Children - Community Controlled Family Violence Prevention Strategies 2013 - [REPORT/FRAMEWORK]

Resource Author/Owner: Secretariat of National Aboriginal & Islander Child Care Inc.

This is part of Meeting the Needs of our Children: Effective Community controlled strategies to prevent and respond to family violence project which seeks to develop a set of key national principles from evidence and practice that are critical to effectively working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to reduce the incidence of family violence. It will develop a clear framework of principles, criteria which reflect these principles and good practice examples of what they look like in practice.

The draft Framework outlines draft good practice principles developed from a literature review and consultations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services. It also lays out a proposed Process Framework that aims to support organisations to apply good practice principles to effectively prevent and respond to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander family violence. Consultations are currently underway to refine and finalise this draft Framework.