SNAICC National Conference

Save the Date! The sixth SNAICC National Conference
will be held in Perth from 14 to 17 September 2015.

SNAICC National Conference 2015 'For Our Children - Ngallak Koorlangka - Community Voices: Sharing Knowledge and Practice'

The 5th SNAICC National Conference was held at the Cairns Convention Centre in early June and built on the success if of the last conference. The conference attracted attendances of over 1100 people from around the country, making it our largest SNAICC conference that we’ve held.

There was a diverse audience of attendees and presenters represented from around the country from a wide range of organisations including many community-controlled Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children’s and family services. In line with the conference objectives the conference provided a space for attendees to share their stories, further develop their knowledge and skills and continue to be inspired. It also provided the opportunity for many of the participants to re-connect with old acquaintances and make some new ones.

The conference program challenged and inspired our delegates and was one of our largest presented with over 70 con-current sessions, yarning circles and workshops and over 270 presenters including many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders participating in these presentations. Plenary speakers provided an international and national perspective on children’s issues and included presentations on healing from Professor Judy Atkinson, to children’s right to education and language with Kathy Guthadjaka (Gotha) and self-determination by our two young representatives April Long and Krista McMeeken. Our international speakers Marta Maurás Perez, Cynthia Kiro, and Professor Cindy Blackstock shared their expertise with us and gave us an international insight into children’s rights, child welfare issues and outcomes for indigenous children in their countries and around the world.

A plenary session was also dedicated to a panel discussion to address the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people in the child protection system. This included the participation of leaders of state and national peak bodies representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Gathering in the tropical surrounds of Cairns allowed much of the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to participate and give the conference a local flavour. It was an ideal location for our conference and we thank the local community and everyone that attended and contributed in making it such a worthy conference.

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